What are we facing?

Due to the current global situation caused by COVID-19, especially economical wise, there is a massive increase in the people who are in need. They have lost their daily income, and their way to provide essential needs such as food and rent.

They have left their countries and families looking for a mean to fulfil their needs and get a better life.

Most of the projects that the daily labourers have are on hold because of the world’s pandemic. They are less fortunate to be happy about staying at home.



nefsy started a unique challenge in partnership with Emirates Red Crescent, IACAD and the Government of Dubai to help those in need.  The challenge works by donating one meal or more to the national labourers whose daily income is now on hold.

The massive increase in worldwide hunger internationally is our main focus. However, in such crises, we stepped up for helping the labours in UAE, and also the hunger worldwide.


Easily download the nefsy app, donate meals and challenge your friends online to help feeding someone nationally and nefsy app with the help of the Emirates Red Crescent, IACAD and the government of Dubai will help to feed another deserving person internationally.

إطعام الطعام