Consciousness is a person’s awareness or perception of something that evolves based on the information we absorb. In a world that spends over half their lives online, this evolution has resulted in a rise of health, wealth, and social consciousness. It’s not always about eating at trendy restaurants in Dubai or even getting the best discounts, it’s about thinking beyond me and about to we. There might not be a we in food but there’s definitely one in social welfare.

A Positive Weigh In

Whether it’s Atkins or keto, intermittent fasting or veganism, there’s a new diet every other day that claims an array of benefits, weight loss being the most common. My favourite of the lot is the seafood diet. It’s really quite simple to follow, when I see food, I eat it. But jokes aside, while taking care of your wellbeing is important, we shouldn’t neglect the one’s that can’t afford even a single meal a day.

Make Every Bite Count Instead of Counting Every Bite

It’s time to make the shift from counting calories to calculating contribution. Let’s ask ourselves what we can do for someone else, rather than focusing solely on what’s in it for us. Whether it’s balancing your diet, work and play or getting and giving, equilibrium is everything. The cost of what you give doesn’t matter as much as the impact you leave. Food is more than nutrition for the body and fuel for the brain, it’s music to the soul and a source of joy for all.

A Bond Beyond Blood

The culture of going to family restaurants in Dubai is no longer a rarity but a norm of our day-to-day lives. Sharing a meal is a gift that keeps giving. It’s a selfless act that creates an indestructible bond. I’m not talking about deciding where to eat in Dubai with people we know and love but sharing a meal with people we haven’t even met. To us it’s knowing that we’ve made a difference and to them it’s knowing that someone cares.

Contribution meets Convenience

In an age that thrives on convenience, we find it difficult to go out of our way, even if it is to help someone in need. Today, even giving has gone online. Regardless of the cause you support or portal you prefer, you can now go the extra mile, without even going a mile. Now, what’s our excuse?

Nefsy is the food takeaway app with a heart that bridges the gap. Not only can you explore takeaways open nearby and order healthy meals at great deals, but every time you place an order, they donate one to the less fortunate, at no extra charge! All that’s left to do is download the app, scroll through the options, pick out a meal, and pick up the order, cause Nefsy will do the rest. Let’s not reserve our good deeds for Ramadan, but instead make them part of our daily lives. It literally costs you nothing.