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08 Aug 2020

JLT Ramadan Offers

Enjoy a tasty Iftar meal with nefsy and feed a hungry person. For every meal ordered with nefsy, one meal gets donated to a person in need. With nefsy, we are stronger together.
nefsy offers you a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals through 5 different restaurants for a challenging price that starts with 19 AED.

Ala Kayfak

Ramadan Offers

You can choose any meal from the 20 options:

Arabic(chicken/beef) Shawarma with fries- Kafta Sandwich with fries- Falafel sandwich with fries- Grilled chicken (Quarter)- Turkish salad- Burger(Lebanese/chicken/beef/zinger) with fries- Chicken(Manchurian/Chowmien/Shashlik/Chilli) with chicken friend rice- Chicken fried rice- Tikka combo spicy- chicken liver- chicken(Biryani/Karahi) combo- Vegetable combo.


Ramadan Offers

One main dish: (chicken dish- twice a week)
chicken Biryani or chicken pulao, once a week.
Vegetable, twice a week.
Lentil or chickpeas, twice a week.

(One cold drink or water “300ml” – One mint raita)

Tibb's Frankies

Ramadan offers

You can choose any meal from 10 options:
Veg masala- Classic veg- Veg schezwan- Crunchy schezwan- Tawa paneer- Classic egg- Classic chicken- Tawa chicken- Bhuna chicken- Chilli chicken.

Meals will be served with a drink.

Highway 311

Ramadan Offers

You can choose any meal from the 9 following options:
– Soup(CHK, beef) + Mini guacamole dip with chip.
– Mini Burrito + soft drink.
– (CHK, Veg) – Single arepa + Soft drink.
– (CHK, Veg) – Quesadilla mini + Soft drink.
– (CHK, Veg) – Arroz chaufa + Soft drink.
– (CHK, VEG) – Empandas + Soft drink.
– (CHK) 3 pcs of chicken tequnos roll + 3 pcs BBQ wings + Soft drink.
– 6 PCS buffalo wings + Soft drink.
– Nachos (veg,CHK) + Soft drink.

The Original Taste (Iftar)

Ramadan Offers

Enjoy from 18 different combo meals.