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20 Jan 2021

How it works

Step 1

Choose your favourite meal

Step 2

Purchase using your credit card

Step 3

Find your meals in "My Orders"

Step 4

Redeem at restaurant by showing the redemption screen on your phone

Step 5

Save a life

Step 6

Track money and lives saved

Step 7

Get accredited certificates every month for all the lives you saved!

How Can We Help?



Nefsy is the food app with a heart, that provides offers and deals for dine-in and takeaway.

With every meal sold, another meal is shared with people who are hungry.

Browse the menu on our app, choose the meal you like at a discount. Use the purchased meal for dine-in or takeaway at the restaurant. Just show the restaurant your online meal purchased and the restaurant will redeem your meal.

You can buy your meal using a Credit Card or Debit Card and for some of our selected partners you can pay cash over the counter.

The discounted meals you buy from nefsy are only for dine-in at the restaurant or you can even get a takeaway directly from the restaurant. It may be that some of our restaurant partners have their own delivery so you’ll be able to see if it’s available next to the respective restaurant deals when you order from the app.


You can either go to the restaurant you ordered for a meaningful dine-in experience or get your meal as a takeaway directly from the restaurant outlet.

Our special license from the IACAD of the Dubai Government permits us to share meals with people who are hungry around the world through our collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent.

All your credit can be simply used during your next meal purchase on the app. Just select the option to pay using nefsy credit before you checkout.

Go to the settings on the app and request for a refund. Once you enter in the reason for refund the amount will be credited back to your account immediately. You can then use the credit to buy any other meal from the app.

Usually you will have a validity up to a period of 30 days for every meal purchased. We do advise you check every meal you purchase as the validity could change due to the terms of the restaurant.