About Nefsy

Nefsy is a brain-child of our founder, Mr. Khaled Diab. The idea of Nefsy germinated in 2018 when a random person in the street taking hold of Mr. Diab’s hand, asking for food in starvation. The person refused when Mr. Diab offered him money and said near a fast food chain, “I do not need your money, I just need to eat”. While offering the sandwich, Mr. Diab felt a wake up call to take action towards all the unfortunate people who are suffering from hunger.

We lose millions of souls every year because of poverty and hunger. With Nefsy, people helping each other when they feed one person for every meal ordered through the App. Mr. Diab took action by March 2019 and launched “the food App with a heart” in November 2019.

Within a year of the launch of the application, Mr. Diab started the Business-For-Cause model. Initially, Nefsy worked to connect users with the restaurants with attractive offers. It allowed them to save money on their bookings and feed another needy person without paying for the second meal.

Since October 2020, Nefsy has been working on cause-based initiatives — a program that took off when it was most needed — in the middle of COVID19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, we partnered with different global and local companies plus the government to achieve our goal of distributing 49,000 Food Boxes Initiative. We fed 49,000 families during the 49th UAE National Day celebrations and found a place in the Guinness World Records for creating the largest mosaic of greeting cards, forming a huge UAE flag.

Read more about the initiative here.

Our founder Mr. Khaled Diab is dedicated to help combat hunger worldwide and devoted himself in making the world a better place for the future generations. Also, with Nefsy, we are trying to build a new lifestyle to sustain and support the needy people without exhausting the individual budgets.

Poverty and hunger have a profound impact on our society and need immediate attention. Both private and public sectors have important roles to play in the battle against it. Help us eradicate the poverty and hunger, and no help is small. We partner with charitable organisations and local authorities to ensure that the help reaches the person in need.

We are 100% dedicated. Be rest assured that your money will reach the right hands.


• To provide a platform to connect buyers and sellers with a common aim of eradicating hunger and poverty worldwide
• To connect with different stakeholders and facilitate the sale of popular products on our platform so everyone can lend their support to the cause


Nefsy, “a platform with a heart” aims to evolve as a CSR platform that engages customers and corporate companies in creating a poverty-less generation and self-sustaining families.

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