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28 Nov 2020



World hunger has been one of the largest and constant problem our society faces. It is a problem that we should have been be able to solve, yet there are still almost 1 billion people who are undernourished or do not have enough to eat, with many facing severe starvation. That’s about one in seven people in this world who go to sleep hungry every night. The world produces more than enough food for this amount of people, so why is it that there are hungry people all around the globe?

We, as a community, understand that helping the less fortunate is a part of being human, but it can be hard to donate or give to those in need every single day. Some of us have our favourite charity we donate to occasionally and there are some of us who give when there is an occasional obligation. But what if we could give back without exhausting our budgets? What if we could give back by a simple act of eating a meal ourselves? What if every time we buy a meal, we could share a meal?

Nefsy is here to help you give back to those who are hungry, one click at a time. With support and in campaign-collaboration with IACAD of the Dubai Government and Emirates Red Crescent, nefsy offers you the opportunity to share meals with those who are hungry, while availing exclusive dine-in deals from popular eateries in the UAE without a donation from your side.

This solution comes at a time when the latest report from the UN on 15 July regarding SDG 2: Zero hunger highlights that after decades of declining, hunger is again on the rise. All you have to do is download the app, register, browse through top UAE restaurants and cafés, select dine-in discounted meals, and enjoy your dining experience with complete knowledge that your purchase helps another in-need.

On the nefsy app, you can also gain ranks based on the number of meals you have purchased, equating to the number of lives these purchases have impacted. The app allows you to see the difference you are making around the world through one simple act.

Hungry for change? Join us and let’s draw a smile on the faces of those who need it the most. With nefsy you can save money and save lives every single day.


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